Saturday, January 13, 2007

Random Saturday Thoughts

Rain, rain, and more rain. Suppose to turn to Ice, ice, and more ice. So we are stocked and ready just in case, we have lots of soup, stew, and chili fixins since this is the perfect weather for it.

We made it to basketball this morning, shortly after our games the parking lot flooded out so I was glad we got out when we did. Brae's team won 24-19 and Brae scored a point so he was so excited. Britt's team lost 14-8 but it was still good because last week the team they played scored 40 points so I told them they did good keeping the score that close. It was a rough team, lots and lots of fouls. Poor Britt will probably have bruises tommorow.

We got our passports in the mail today! Yeah! Not that we have plans to go anywhere anytime really soon but we wanted to get them done before the new passport laws and prices went in effect.

Just a overcast dreary day and I think I am going to get a book and read while the kids play.


dakotablueeyes said...

weather is the same here

BarnGoddess said...

woohoo GO Braden! Im glad he scored :) that always makes the game a lot better.

I hope you did not get this nasty ice-gah! Im tired of it already.

dakotablueeyes said...

Did you get the ice yet? Bruce went out to get the paper and the neighbor mentioned all the ice in texas and that area around there.

kel said...

We are getting ice right is so dreary and just sleeting right on down suppose to get 1 inch ice accumulation tonight...yuck! Not as bad here as it is cloer to Barngoddess near Tulsa.