Monday, January 15, 2007

Pajama Day

It is 20 degrees, chance of snow flurries a covering of ice on vehicle, roads, etc. So we are home and in pajamas for the day.
Britt questioned last night why we were having homeschool when it was a federal holiday...I was like how did you know...apparently her calendar stated it.
So we compromised we did homeschool but a very light version and I relaxed the no TV or video games after homeschool rule. Usually no video games or TV till after 3pm, but not today.
Warm and cozy and inside for the whole day. Potato soup will be simmering for dinner....yum.


dakotablueeyes said...

its getting so freakin cold out ran into a few flurries today but nothing major. Heard something about OK loosing power in some parts? did you?

Anonymous said...

I WISH it were cold here. It's supposed to be winter and we still haven't worn our winter coats. It was 68 degrees here today!

Anonymous said...

We have cold but no real snow yet. Sounds like a great day for PJ day LOL.


Anonymous said...

Yum, potato soup sounds really good!

Maybe I'll have to set some to simmering myself....

byHisgrace said...

We're finally getting cold here...unfortunately it's just rain :-( But that's better than ice :-)