Monday, January 01, 2007

Should I be mad?

Ok anyone who knows me knows that I put a lot into the homeschooling of the kids. Schedules, activities, etc. Of course I have met a few and at first glance I wonder if they should be homeschooling, but for the most part all the moms I meet put a lot of work into it.

Anyway today we ran to WalMart on my way to parents house.

I had bought some white boards, and a ton of markers for a new project. Also picked up some things here and there.

I load the stuff on the conveyer belt and the cashier says: "Are you loading up on school supplies". I reply "No we homeschool and this is for a special project".

While we were in line there is a bin that says "Christmas cd's 50% off". I had already picked up some regular Christmas items for 75% off but thought 50% off was good for Music cd's. I grab two and load it on with the other things. The kids are standing on the side by me. The cashier picks up the 2 Christmas cd's and says "You know these are not 75% off they are only 50% off?" I said "Yes, no problem I saw the sign". (I figured people had tried to argue saying the other stuff was 75% off so I was really friendly about it).

Then she says and I qoute word for word "Well you said you homeschool so I wasnt sure about you reading the sign"

OKAY...At the time she said it I just looked at her and I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to say, so I just kinda stood there, those were the last two items she rang up so I paid and headed out. Brittney asked what she meant about homeschooling. I told her not everyone understands about homeschooling. My brother's girlfriend thought the whole thing was hilarious and I fielded reading jokes from her all day. But it ticked me off. Enough that I wrote down her name, but I didn't write it up....yet. She was an older cashier, and I think that comment was out of line and rude. My mom says I am taking it to personally. I think anyone in contact with the public should make an effort to be polite and I don't think that was polite. So am I too sensitive? Should I write it up and mail it to the manager? Should I have blasted her attitude?


Anonymous said...

I've almost always worked retail and love working the front end of a store. You would *never* catch me being that insensitive to a customer. Although I've put my blue smock up for good, I can assure you Wal-Mart would frown on this. I'd call the manager. Would also be a good way to help get the message out more about homeschooling in the form of maybe an editoral piece submitted to a local newspaper.

Sorry you were treated so rudely. There's no excuse for that.

BarnGoddess said...

I worked for a few years out of the Wal-Mart home office in a management area over insurance.

I can tell you, this cashiers 'remark' would NOT be accepted.

I am not one to make a big fuss over most things but when I read your post, the cashiers remark p*ssed me off. Being in retail and working with the public means respect and customer service.

Does this cashier have a 'special' rude remark for a Jewish person or an Amish person? I hope not.

gah! now I am ranting...sorry.

I think you and both of your children are owed an apology.

Anonymous said...

I would be upset! To me it's a form of discrimination. Awful funny when you see the results of homeschoolers are usually higher than public schools. Not saying all public schools are bad but her remark shows how much little education she has. I would say something to the manager.

Tammy said...

Yikes...I would have stared at her quizzically for a moment, wondering if I heard her right...could someone be so blatently rude- especially representing a store?

Yes, you have a right to be angry. And a right to report her.

If it were me, those are the things I'd do...and then also give it to God, because otherwise I'm tempted to stew.

I've been blessed so far in that all of the feedback I've gotten when I mention I homeschool has been postive, like "I think that's great!" "Good for you!" ect...but we live in a very homeschool-friendly area.

We do work very it saddens me when comments like this happen, when we should be being built up and edified for the work that we do!

But you know, God sees the hard work...and the fruit of our labor will be our children!

dakotablueeyes said...

OMG write her ass up. She was flat out rude as hell with that statement. In other words she was calling you stupid or illiterate. Homeschooled kids are actually better educated than kids in school I think cause they get one on one vs one on 24 or more in a class. I don't homeschool but don't think I haven't thought about it. Well I homeschool keith in preschool but that's a little different lol.

kel said...

I wrote it up and sent it to the manager, so I will see what he says.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone else. Write it up and show her just how intelligent parents who homeschool are!!!

dakotablueeyes said...

Be sure to post if you hear anything back from the manager.

truth said...

Wow, I would have had a hard time NOT taking that personally. I think I would have said something.