Sunday, December 31, 2006

Year in Review

A quick glimpse back at 2006 in our household...

January of 2006 - Had us ushering in the New Year with our good friends. Of course we have yet to make it all the way to midnight (we usually call it a night after the ball drops in New York)...such party people we are..haha.

February - Is still a blur to me as I had my hysterectomy the first of the month. I don't regret making the decision I did, but the recovery was not easy. All in all I do feel so much better than I did before. The hardest thing for me was the set in stone no more kids at least no more biological. We have kicked around adoption but not at this time, it just isn't time for us to expand.

March - I had recovered enough by the end of March to make a trip to Canton, Texas (I love Trade Mondays there!). Our friends went with us, and my family, and extended family so it was a great trip.

April - A decision was made that would change all of us. We went to a homeschool book fair and spoke to a representative. It was something we prayed about, and looked at from all angles. I absolutely love homeschooling, I truly believe for our family it was the best decision we ever made.

May - Braden turned 7. We also headed out to Florida for vacation. The kids saw the ocean for the first time, we went to Disney and swam with Dolphins it was a wonderful vacation.

June - Was pretty quite it seems, or at least I can't remember much that happened. Hubby turned 35, and I turned 32. The kids attended basketball camp.

July - Brought a new sport into our home...Tennis. The kids attended Tennis camp and loved it! We went to Fort Worth, Texas for a few days. Visiting some friends, celebrating our 11 year wedding anniversary.

August - We started our homeschool! My friend Christy and I braved starting our own girl scout troop.

September - We met the best people ever in different homeschool groups we joined! We started a Homeschool bible study as well as doing homeschool coop classes.

October - Brittney turned 9...she likes to inform me "one more year till double digits".

November - Braden had surgery on November 6, and the month of November was spent in Austin. It was so warm I had to scour the clearance racks for Tshirts because we were all burning up. The end of November had my friend Christy and I traveling to Tulsa with our two girls for Cheetah Girl concert!

December - Braden continues to get stronger. Basketball has started, Braden is so proud he can make a basket now, he has never been strong enough before. Brittney is excelling at basketball. We prepared for the whirlwind that was Christmas!

Tonight we will be staying home, eating snacks, and playing board games. Hubby has to work tommmorow so he won't be staying up, I may attempt to stay up with the kiddos...may being the keyword.


dakotablueeyes said...

Happy New Year and I posted my year review too.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, love the review!

BarnGoddess said...

Happy new Year!

good review too