Saturday, October 28, 2006

Wake Up Call

I had a doctors appointment yesterday. It did not go well. But it did wake me up. I deal with stress in bad ways. With Brae's medical issues seeming to crop back up in full force stress has been upon me lately. I knew I had gained some weight. I didn't realize how was outrageous...I knew things were tighter, not fitting so on, but I had no clue. How silly is that? I didn't even realize how much I had gained.

For me, a person with high blood pressure and heart issues anyway this is not something I need to do. Also it ticks me off because I had lost all of this before and kept it off for over a year and then quit excercising, quit my healthier habits.

So I am back on again, I have to get healthier. I have to be conscious of when I eat because I want and when I eat because I think chocolate fixes everything.

All my meds for blood pressure, and everything has been adjusted. I have also added some meds for my feelings of not being right here lately.

So far it is 5:00 pm on day one and I have done good, and excercised....ticks me off that I couldn't do near as much as I did three years ago. I will get back there, I needed this wake up call.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I can totally relate. I stepped on the scale for the first time in probably 2 months today. I was shocked and disgusted with myself. That was my wake up call as well.

kel said...

Hubby wanted to go out to dinner tonight, I even behaved myself pretty well. At least the excercise is back and I am just going to have to make myself keep at it.

byHisgrace said...

I can relate too Kelli! (((((HUGS)))) Good job on the exercise!


dakotablueeyes said...

I hear ya on the weight gain. We should make a goal to try and loose what 25 pounds each by march that's five pounds a month before you get here. lol I always try to eat salads when we go out. Just keep telling yourself NO I know that word is hard for you to say lol. but we can do this.

trisha said...

ey, i feel you too girl! and i'm with dakota, lets all have some type of goal and go for 25 pounds by march! i'll try it too and lets keep one another updated on our progress. maybe that will help us out in trying to keep on top of making good heathly choices alot of the time!

Heather/SHTEZQ said...

I too have gain way to much wait. i wish i had a bigger house so i could buy a tread mill but good luck i hope you start feeling back to normal soon