Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Mid Week...Almost

I LOVE what Bluebird Blogs did for me. Her prices are so reasonable. I really like what she came up with for me and I think it fits my personality well.

Matt's school board meeting was in his words "not pretty". Another rough one will be on tap for next month.

No news on the car yet, suppose to let us know something tommorow.

Trying to get everything planned for us to go to Austin the first week in November.

Hubby has a trip to cooperate next week. So getting that prepared.

I have on my to do list to get things to make Brittney's birthday cake for Friday night. If I can get it to look how I want then it will be adorable. Her party will be at bath junkie so going with a bathtub/rubber ducky theme. The cake pic I found is a little girl in a bubble bath then going to do rubber ducky cookies around the cake.

I am also planning on hosting a baby shower for a friend next week.

Do you need something done? Seriously I just have all this extra time and nothing to do...UGH...and the sad thing is I am getting better at saying no and I am still swamped.


BarnGoddess said...

wow, i mean WOW! I like it, it looks great.

geesh, you are busy, you need an assistant.

dakotablueeyes said...

Very nice template girl, me I change too much to pay for one lol.

Heather/SHTEZQ said...

You can help me make center peices for a baby shower if you are feeling up to it oh and i need to really clean my house but i have found my self swamped with sick kids. :) no i hope it all turns out well I can not wait to see the cake and party pics.

kel said...

Barngoddess - Thanks, and I told hubby I needed and assistant and he said isn't that what you use me for and I said yes and promptly gave him three things to do..LOL.

Anne - Yes you change too much, but you always find cool ones, me tech challenged.

Heather I am doing a baby shower at my house next Tuesday...LOL...of course it ends up being the week hubby will be out of town at cooperate so UGH. I actually love doing baby showers so it wont be too bad.

byHisgrace said...

I LOVE it Kelli!!


Anonymous said...

I love the new template! So cool. I'd love to have them do one for me. But, I have one question...can you still go in and tinker with it. I mean add links, etc. in the side bar and all. By the way, you really need to slow down!

Anonymous said...

I can answer Shane's question.


I was impressed with her design. She labeled everything within the design to easily add, modify, ect.

owlhaven said...

What a CUTE page!!

Mary, mom to many