Monday, October 16, 2006

It's Monday

I will be getting my new template up sometime this week. Hubby got it done for me from bluebird blogs. I liked what she came up with. Should be up soon.

A busy week, today cleaning, catching up from being gone this weekend, preparing for this week. It is suppose to rain all day which means what I will want to do is curl up and nap. We will do homeschool this morning, then cleaning, then speech. Tonight Matt has an important school board meeting. I have been praying for him and this whole school board situation it is just a mess, this small town has some big problems with the school system. It is sad really. Brittney will be excited all week as she turns 9 next Sunday. I know this week will fly by as it is busy, we are planning for a party, and hubby leaves out next week for corporate office and that always gets here quicker than I want it to.

Here are some pics from this week. Didn't take too many. The zoo is so fun during these campout I think I counted approximately 45 tents camping out. I love walking around at night. The animals are so active. Of course I couldnt get any good pics of the animals because for the flash to work it has to be up close when it is that dark. Most of the kids pics they have chocolate all over their faces from one of the craft stands set up at the zoo. It was making muddy birds feet (marshmellows, pretzels, dipped in choc).


dakotablueeyes said...

wow looks like fun lol. Hope the school board thing goes okay

BarnGoddess said...

Great pics! I hope the school board meeting goes well.

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

School Board was a expected hell.
Thanks anyway. : )