Monday, October 02, 2006

Making vacation plans

We had a little family pow wow last night to decide next years vacation plans. I know I am obsessive and plan ahead. We had several options we decided to go to South Dakota, Brae actually has been the one wanting to go as he studied it recently. We had planned to go in March, problem is still too cold there and none of the fun stuff opens till after memorial day. So now we get to have even more fun because we are planning a mini trip in March to see Anne. So REALLY looking forward to that. Keith was little when we saw them on vacation together in St. Louis.

We moved the South Dakota trip to first of June.

The kids and I put our new magnets on the refrigerator this morning. It is a full map of the United States but we are only placing on it the states the kids have visited. We will add more each time we travel. The kids are already looking to add 3 states in March with Anne and 4 when we go to South Dakota!

Here is their map of where they have been so far.


Shane said...

I don't see South Carolina on the kid's map yet. You should come on over and give us a try...we have great beaches!

dakotablueeyes said...

That is cool. Where did you get it.

kel said...

I ordered it from abc/ltd christmas catalog it comes on a magnetic play board but we just put that on top of the fridge until we need those states.