Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What reputation?

Having a conversation with Brae this morning:
Me; You better get around mister school is suppose to start in 15 minutes.
Brae: (Groaning and putting his head under the blanket) ahhh I am dying (can we say drama king instead of drama king with this boy).
Me: Brae you know you like school come on let's get around.
Brae: (Peaking his head out and looking around dramatically leans over and whispers)"Shhh mom if that gets out my reputation is toast".(dives back under the covers giggling)

That boy!


The Woman said...

this kid is a riot

kel said...

I know as Brittney put it "We would be fine without TV because Brae is all the entertainment we need"..LOL

Jody said...

LOL that is just too funny. Goodness I really hope it doesn't mess up his reputation LOL!!

Weber said...

I actually laughed out loud! :) Thank goodness we don't have Alex and him together or they would never get any school work done.