Thursday, September 18, 2008

One down...5 to go

Homeschool co-op that is. 5 more weeks. I actually really enjoy being director but there are a few lets call them "hiccups" along the way. Thankfully I have the best friends ever to help me out it's like having my own little club of people to back me up. Without them I would have been hiding under a chair today. But it all went relatively smooth.

The kids loved their classes. Brae is taking medevil history and that is right up his alley with swords and weapons. Britt is taking a horse class and that is so her thing. So glad they have the opportunity to get together with their friends. Day one is always the roughest, well that and the last day because we do presentation night and it is hectic but the in between is more enjoyable.

We went and ate after, no way was I cooking tonight. I almost showed up at a lady's house for a meeting luckily my friend started questioning me and I realized I had the wrong night. So dinner then ice cream and home. Kids are in bed, hubby is destressing. Hubby has never been involved in co-op before other than helping out with presentation night but this time he took vacation time so that he could teach two computer classes, which also meant he got to help me set up and I don't think he realized how much that was.

Anyway that is my whining about co-op but now that the first day is done and once I get the school room back in order (I have thrown the whole days worth of things in the floor to be sorted in the morning) then it should run fairly smooth.


Kim said...

It went great. You are doing a wonderful job!

Jody said...

You can do it!! Now if only I had your determination LOL.

BrittBritt said...

You are the best! MOM!

Cha said...

Kelli, you do such an awesome job! Thanks so much for all your hard work.