Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Not just no but no no no way

Brae woke up this morning going to do the procedure. Well the doc had to show pics and what was going to happen he lost it. I mean lost it. It took me forever to calm him down it reminded me so much of the autistic fits when he was about 3. So we did not do it today. We may not do it at all they just may have to work around him being on the Zyrtec. The scar tissue has been confirmed as a problem. Our Neuro is out of town for 2 more weeks. They said this problem has probably been building for 2 years or more so now that we know and can monitor and know that he if has numb spells with his legs more frequently to get him etc it can wait two weeks. I think that was the longest run on sentence ever but my grammar brain is mush along with the rest of me.

We did get to try another gluten free bakery. We had done one yesterday but it was not kid friendly and outragouesly priced. Today's was still high but not as much as yesterday more kid friendly and all in all very good. It was so nice to know that he could order anything on the menu and it be fine for him and he loved being able to pick out desserts from the case knowing he could have whatever caught his eye. We are trying another one in Plano on the way home. If all goes as planned we will leave tomorrow and be back in 3 weeks. We will see our neuro then and the regular doctor.


Jody said...

Oh no I am so sorry he had a melt down. I don't blame him or you if he decides not to get it.

Too sweet about the prayer he did!! I love that!!

My prayers are with you tha things will run smoothly and you are home soon!!

stacey said...

bless his heart! he wanted to try!

i hope you find some other solutions!

Weber said...

Oh Kelli, hang in there! How hard for both of you.
My brother had many, many surgeries from the time he was 4 until he was 21. He locked himself in the hospital bathroom before surgery one time because he was SO scared. It was so hard for my mom....everytime.