Thursday, September 18, 2008


I have been having doubts that I am ready for this next 5k. After I hurt my back it has been hard for me to do over 2 miles. I have been trying to work back up and I know I have to because I have the 7 mile in November. Yesterday I received the packet in the mail with the Tshirt and my number. I always get jazzed when I see the number, and I had forgot with this race they were mailing it instead of picking it up at the race. So it was just what I needed to make me a little more excited about everything. I was suppose to have 3 yes 3 different people I know running with me but alas I think it is just me. Oh well, my goal is to do better than I did at the last one. This one is local so no drive. I have a week to get myself ready and psyched out (in a good way this time not like I did to myself last time.)

On another running note I have been so impressed with my new running shoes Mizuno. I found mine at a very inexpensive price compared to what I have seen and they are really good. Also now that it is getting colder I have priced the Under Armour wow talk about pricey but I think a good alternative is called thin coat I believe at Academy it looks like silky thermals. It was a lot cheaper and seems to be the same principle. I went from burning up because it was almost 80 degrees when I would get out at 5am to freezing at 50 degrees and I know those temps will only get more consistent and colder.


Weber said...

You can do Kelli !!! You got a lot of people who know you can do it you. Go girl!!! :)