Wednesday, September 03, 2008

He is growing up in so many ways

I will update on all the medical issues later (we will know more after today) but first this morning I wanted to brag on Brae and his faith. A few weeks ago I noticed that if you ask him to pray out loud it is not just a simple thank you prayer you hear words like from a pulpit. I told him he had a gift. I have really seen his faith lately.

Yesterday the doctor recommended a procedure. Braden is still having to take prescription sinus medication but they feel it is reacting with some other meds and they want him off of it. However 2 days off and he has a sinus infection which we also don't want. So they suggested a procedure where they go up and basically stretch the sinus with a balloon. They said he has to be on board. Since this is something they would like to do but not a have to. I sat down with Brae and told him the pros and cons. The con being he is awake and it would hurt, the pros being they say it will really help, etc. Last night he said "Mom I am not sure what I want to do". I said we dont have to tell them until tomorrow. He said "Hold my hand why I pray". Then he proceeded "Dear God please help me to know the right path to take you can tell me because you can do anything you created us all thank you for leading me amen". Tears to my eyes his speech is perfect when he prays he is clear and well thought. Still don't know what he will decide to do as he isn't up and about yet but I am so proud of him.

Yesterday was one of those days that turned my brain to mush. It seems this scar tissue from previous surgery is causing all kinds of problems. Two appointments turned into 6 different places, tests etc. Our regular neurosurgeon who is the reason we first started coming all the way to Austin is out of the country so he has arranged for us to see his partner. Who of course I don't like near as well. Luckily my regular nurse sticks close to me and she has been a tremendous help. We will know more about scar tissue and test results today. So we have several major issues and a few minor issues. That is why I really felt I needed to let him be in charge of this that is not a have to. If he decides to do it great I hope it works and I am sure he will get a surprise. If he doesn't that is fine too we will just tell them no and they have to work around the medication issue.


Middle_America said...

Sigh, you two are constantly on my mind.
Today and tommorrow, honey. Today and tomorrow.

Mr. Sweet Rocks said...

Sometimes it takes a child to remind us that Prayer is what works in any situation. We will be praying for you two, hurry HOME!

Weber said...

You are both in our thoughts and prayers Kelli. He is a amazing and strong little guy....must get that from his mom. :)

The Woman said...

So what will they do about the scar tissue