Tuesday, September 16, 2008

school stuff

Just wanted to share a few school things.
This is Braden doing his reading game. So far I have liked the scaredy cat reading system. Braden likes it which is the most important thing. He actually wants to play the games that came with it. The glasses he is wearing in the pics are a new vision therapy. I was hesitant at first but they seem to be making a big difference and he loves wearing them which once again is so important. He only has to wear them when reading, playing video games or watching TV but he can wear them as much as he wants and he chooses all the time.

Yesterday we made herbal soap, the kids wanted to dye it blue. The kids had grown the herbs in their hot box. I just love apologia science. There are 3 more books after this botany one and I can't wait. I love it as much as the kids.

This is a project from our Story of the World another subject we are all really enjoying. This is from studying about the Nile River.


The Woman said...

So is it safe to say he likes to read now?!

Jody said...

Love his glasses. He really looks cool in them :). Glad he likes to wear them too. I might have to come over to your house for Science for my boys hehe.

kel said...

Oh no he doesn't like to read but he does like to play the games....which hey it's a step...a baby one but a step.

stacey said...

are they the colored and/or prism glasses that help the eyes work better? i have had kids do much better with reading with them.

kel said...

Stacy they are called pinhole glasses.