Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Taking a break to whine

Hitting the ground running after being gone a week is a understatement. Wow I need to catch my breath.

Homeschool co-op registration is this week, and I had major changes occur last night. Eek love those last minute things. I had everything ready to go but now paperwork and everything will be changed. Ugh really couldn't be helped but still aggravating. For legal work I have already billed 32 hours of work since being home on Thursday night and probably have another 20 to bill for before I am caught up. I did get school lesson plans done for the week and started out well yesterday but we were all out of whack because last week was such a cluster. Okay that is most of my whining out of the way.

Most but not all....because Brae has 3 huge bites on him, don't know from what but they are starting to look bad so this morning we will make a run to the doctor. What fun. On top of that I have nephews today. Poor Brae he is like "why does it always happen to me"..ugh I don't know. Hoping hoping hoping they just look 100% better this morning but I am not holding my breath. Okay see I wasn't done whining.

Let's see what else I can whine about why I am on a roll. Oh yes my back Sunday I didn't even make it to church my back was hurting so bad. Of course my doctor that is against me running said it was because of running. I myself don't think so I have done this in the past and it passes. It was better yesterday but by no means 100%.

Okay see this blog is therapeutic I whined and feel better and can now start this day that promises to be busy.


Jody said...

Ugh I would be whining too with all that. I hope Brae will be ok and can have some fun!! I hope your back feels better soon too!!!

stacey said...

If it makes you feel any better, I loved on you today! Tagged you today and also tomorrow!

The Woman said...

what did you find out about the bites?

Weber said...

Sometimes you really do feel better when you can get it out there. :) Hope today was a better day. How are his bites?