Thursday, September 11, 2008

Quick wit?

Yesterday Brae did get in trouble for his attitude but it was so funny I had to bite my cheek not to laugh. He is just so straight forward and this is what it is and I will tell you how it is and he is so sweet about Here is our conversation:

Me: Brae you want to help mom?
Brae: No
Me: (kind of taken back by the blunt no) Hey you can help mom.
Brae: No thank you if it is okay with you I say no. (and leaves the room)
Me: (follow into the living room) Britt would you like to help me?
Britt: Sure mom.
Brae: It is for coop.
Me: Brae Britt didn't ask me what it was for she just chose to be a good helper.
Brae: (Looking straight at me) Mom if you are trying to use guilt it doesn't work on me.

Okay I was so torn between laughing and being mad at his attitude...of course hubby heard and intervened he seem to lean toward smart alleck, me I like to think of it as quick wit. Of course when Brae did come to offer his help and I asked him if he was helping because daddy made him or because he wanted he said: "Because dad is making me, (pause and a grin) and because I want to.


Jody said...

That would be a touch one (hehe) he is very Witty isn't he? LOL. He might do well in politics when he's older LOL.

kel said...

Oh no politics Matt and my families are too crazy for that....closet open skeletons everywhere..LOL

The Woman said...

oh my goodness, he should learn that quick wit just doesn't work on momma