Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I have threatened them...

Both kids rooms are clean. Super clean. I always thought Britt kept hers pretty clean not perfect but she is always organizing something, well apparently she is also really good at hiding things because man oh man I found some messes. Brae's wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Britt's was a lot worse than I thought. But both are done and I have told them if they get them messy again there will be serious consequences. So yes I have cleaned and cleaned today, much more than I had planned but it is done and I better not have to do it again for a long long time.


The Woman said...

lol sounds like kaylie, why put it where it goes when you can stuff it somewhere it doesn't go

Jennifer said...

That is so funny, because we did the same thing here Tuesday and Wednesday...and the same threats were made on our end!! :-D Billy's already called home once to tell me to "remind them not to mess up those rooms!" ;-)

It will be interesting to compare notes on how long it lasts. :)

See you this afternoon!