Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

Had a quiet moment so figured I better take advantage of it.

The kids have taken Matt to a movie for Father's Day. So I took advantage of the time and got some housecleaning done. Next is preparing the schedule for the week. Also looking for some good organizing ideas, we are thinking of doing some shifting around in our house. I really need a dedicated home school room unfortunately in this house this is going to be tricky and it is going to mean displacing hubby. Hubby's office is the only available room. We still plan to move but that is about 2-3 years off. So in the mean time we are going to get creative and organized to make more room out of what we have. We are throwing around a few ideas. Just need to think them out some more. I would be so excited to have a room though.

Yesterday we had our dads over for dinner along with my mom, aunt and uncle. It was a fun time. My brother came over for the last time we will see him for a while and played with the kids so they enjoyed their uncle swimming in the pool with them.

This week is looking semi busy especially at the first of the week. Looking forward to another pool time at Stephanie's on Wednesday. I just love her girls and they like me making fun stuff so I have come up with about 4 different ideas that I think they would like. Going to have to make something to take when we go over on Wednesday.

Well instead of rambling on I should really get to preparing for the week.

But before I get busy, Happy Father's Day Matt! I love you! The kids are very lucky. I thought it was very telling in church this morning when the pastor was talking about how the average deep conversation between father and child is less than a minute a day and other sad statistics and Britt said "Wow that isn't like our family". You should be very proud I know I am proud of what a wonderful dad you are.


Jody said...

Hope the kids and Matt had a good time at the movies!! I hope things go well with the school room for you!!!

That is so sweet of you to say that about your hubby!! Sounds like you have a great hubby and he has a great wife!!! HAPPY FATHER'S Day to all the dads!!!

Weber said...

Sounds like you are blessed with a wonderful family!

I hope you get your homeschool room. We love ours....well, I do. :)

stacey said...

that interchange is so sweet!

Rofkahr Party of 4 said...

Thanks for the sweet compliment on the girls! You know they love you too, especially Zo! As she puts it, "you rock!"

Middle_America said...

Wow. Thanks honey.

I actually see myself the one blessed in the situation of the family. I couldn't have a better wife/friend/partner/confidant and the best two kids God has provided.

I had an awesome Father's day.

dakotablueeyes said...

less than a minute really? Wow that never happens here, we have conversations all the time with the kids.