Monday, June 23, 2008


Usually it is the kids that get to celebrate their birthdays all week but this week it is me. My birthday isn't until Thursday but the celebrating has begun!

I thought I was meeting my friend for lunch today and she had apparently got busy this morning and planned a bigger get together. I walked into the resteraunt and saw balloons tied to the chair, I didn't even notice how big the table was. My friend and her mom were sitting there and I was glad to see her mom as I never do so I was just visiting away. The waitress comes by and asks if we are waiting for everyone else before we order. That is when I noticed the 8 extra chairs..LOL. She got several of my friends together and one of the lawyers that I work for. My lawyer friend ended up bringing me roses and a little bonus as well as buying lunch for everyone. So what a surprise. My friend got me exactly what I had been wanting, and I got a gift card from another friend..lots of fun surprises. It was a wonderful time. I am definetly getting spoiled already this week and I know hubby and the kids are up to something...hmmmm...but I guess I have to wait till Thursday to find out what they are up to.

One of the balloons my friend had tied to my chair. I thought it was so cute. It says "It's Your Birthday Baby"...and then all over the balloon it says milk it milk it


Weber said...

Oh my goodness, how fun! What great friends you have! What a wonderful day.

The Woman said...

lol so milk it, get a little somethin every day

Jody said...

Sounds like a lovely time!! Today was my birthday!! I've had a full weekend myself LOL. Happy Early Birthday :D. June is a popular month for birthdays LOL. I was just at another blog and her birthday was the 19th LOL.