Monday, June 02, 2008

Because we didn't have enough

Adding another doctor to the mix. Ugh. I am glad and thankful that we are being led where we need to go but I am so overwhelmed and frustrated. We have now added a NEW third doctor to the mix, and may be adding another therapist soon as a new therapy was recommended today. These are just new docs to the already large amount of docs we have on his case.

Just so much to take in. But we have to do something things are going down and we have to try some different things.

So now I am trying to get everything together for this new doctor. He already scored high in my book, whenever a doctor calls me himself I always give him extra points. We haven't physically seen him yet but he is already making recommendations and requesting more information. So we shall see where this leads. We know we will be going to Austin end of July, we don't know how long we will be staying there!


dakotablueeyes said...

doc calling you has to be a good sign

Jennifer said...

Kelli...Praying for you guys as you continue to seek answers. We've dealt with that on a much smaller scale, and I know how frustrating *that* has been...I can't imagine how tough it gets for you. Praying for peace, wisdom, and provision in every way!

stacey said...

i am going to multiple post commenting here! got your email-will respond later and yes, i do have an opinion! ;) so excited about your walking and healthy stuff! it is worth it! brae is going to be fine b/c you are such a great mom and already doing so much to help him!

Jody said...

Glad the doc called you personally. I can understand how frustrating it must be with all those docs!! ((HUGS)) My prayers are with you that things happen and for the better for Brae!! I agree too that you are a great mom!!!