Tuesday, June 03, 2008

He knew when to stop talking

I called Brae into the bedroom after finding his closet a complete mess with clothes from the last few days that he was suppose to have put away.

Me: "Brae is there a chore that you have not been doing your best at?"

Brae: (sighing) "Yes the dogs"

Me: "No that wasn't what I was talking about".

Brae: (sighing) "I know I haven't been cleaning my room good"

Me: "Well that wasn't what I was going to talk to you about"

Brae: "Mom I am going to quit telling you things now and you just tell me which one you mean".


Middle_America said...

He's learning. LOL

dakotablueeyes said...

so basically he hasn't been doing any of them. lol That's cute. Kaylie has been slacking in her room too

kel said...

Actually he has been doing them pretty good except for the closet thing. I thought his room was fine and the dogs had been fed but he hadn't been cleaning out the water bowl each day...so lol I had no complaints except the closet he just kept confessing things..lol.

Shawna said...

That is so cute. I love your blog! I think I might need to figure out your little picture thing on the side and get one also.

Jody said...

LOL that is too funny. He sure knew when to quit didn't he? Man I swear Brae should be a comedian with all the funny things he says LOL!!

BarnGoddess said...

haha! poor Braden....guess hes a fast learner.