Thursday, June 19, 2008

Because I was told to...

I am updating. Both hubby and Stephanie made a comment yesterday about how long it had been since I updated. That pesky life thing just gets in the way sometimes.

I wish I could convey how funny Brae is by words on this blog. It is just impossible. Britt came in the other day and said "Mom Brae made me laugh so hard I about peed my pants". I asked what he had done and her reply was "it wasn't anything really but it was just the way he said it"..yep that's my Brae. He keeps us in stitches. His newest thing is the kids were sitting around talking about our new pediatrician who is a woman. Britt said "There aren't a lot of women doctors" Brae said "That's cause they call them nurses" but just the way he said it cracked me up. The next day we are in the pool goofing off and Britt tells him to do something and he pipes up with "Like I am going to take orders from a woman" was so funny. Don't know where he picked up those things and he says them in a funny way so I am not concerned about him being a chauvanist or anything. He is just a funny kid his tone of voice etc just makes it.

Anyway got off subject there for a minute.

This week has not been overly blog worthy. We did have another swim party at Stephanie's yesterday. I made a fish cake. I needed something quick and simple that was still fun. I let the kids pick what they wanted me to do for next week and it is going to take a little more thought and creating.

Hubby got older on Monday, he is now 37! I think he had a good birthday. I wasn't overly thrilled with what we were able to do this year but he got the presents that he had hinted for and got a day with us so what more could he want..LOL.

Here is the cake I made for yesterday and a pic of Matt and the kids playing in the pool.


dakotablueeyes said...

Happy Birthday to Matt

Jody said...

Hmm you are I think the third blog I have read today that has to do with a birthday LOL. My birthday is on the 23 LOL. I am glad he had a good day and as aways love that cake LOL.