Sunday, June 29, 2008

I don't think he is going to grow up to be a librarian

Discussing an upcoming home school field trip to the library with Brae.

Me: We are going to go to the library in August, wont that be neat to see how all the books are kept up with and all the behind the scene things.
Brae: Library? I would rather go to the doctor, or be hit with a ball in the face, or ran over by a car, or have to run a thousand miles anything but go to the library. bet a librarian is not his future career path.

I am a huge reader, Brae it is like pulling teeth (which would probably be better for him than me actually making him


Jody said...

LOL I love his sense of humor LOL!! Too funny!!

The Woman said...

even when he picks the books? Keith loves to go and find books he can read, a couple days ago he came to me with his books and said do you want to hear me read. Like I could really say no lol

kel said...

He will read and it is better if he picks the books but still a battle he hates it he doesn't have that love or desire. Britt will stay up till 11pm reading sometimes if I let her.

Weber said...

LOL! That boy cracks me up.
I am very blessed that we have a house full of readers. We all LOVE to read anything we can get our hands on.