Monday, December 31, 2007

Year in Review

Okay this year has zipped by. I tried to recall little things through the year and couldn't so I am thankful that I had the blog to look back on.

January of last year found us having a little snow. Of course Braden wants to see big snow and lots of it, so we are going to have to just plan to go do that maybe next winter. I didn't need much help remembering the girl scout cookie sales, boy was that busy. At least this year I am just helping a troop and not in charge of one myself. Looking back I had to chuckle at a Brittney story. We also visited the aquarium for home school day. Another chuckle rereading Braden's question.

February had me laughing at Matt's balloon picking out. Also found more info on tetnus shots. Those posts in February also made me quit griping about doing basketball every weekend until March, because last year I was coaching two teams so I will quit griping (at least as often) and enjoying being a spectator and not a coach.

March found us visiting Anne in Indiana.

April found us finishing up our trip to Anne's. Going to the amusement park for Girl Scouts and found my good friend from Pennsylvania in for a visit.

May found Braden turning 8!! I smiled when I reread this from my sweet boy.

June found us going to swimming lessons that we were less than thrilled about. Also my birthday, Matt's, tennis lessons, friends in lots went on in June.

Okay I am halfway through the year and getting tired of looking through the archives. But I am also loving remembering the things the kids said, etc. Makes me determined to put this over into Microsoft and print it all off eventually. But for now I will say Have a HAPPY AND SAFE NEW YEARS and I will be back in 2008!


dakotablueeyes said...

don't you have a planner book lol that's what I used or I would never remember a darn thing

kel said...

Of course you know me I have 4 planner books...LOL, but I didn't even move to do has been a tiring week I just wanted to throw a post up. I even bought different color pens for the planner books..LOL

dakotablueeyes said...

I never could stick with the different color pens for the planner and I found that having a wall calendar and palm and a planner was just confusing cause then I would write it on one and forget the others so down to one planner, one pen and the palm is used to play games lol or as a calculator. You changed your blog again, did I rub off on ya lol. I'm going to try not to change so much this year, oh who am I kiddin. lol

kel said...

I had let Brittney pick out the pink one but you could see the image behind the pics and I didnt like that so we switched to this one. I am going to change it up everyonce in awhile so yes I guess you have rubbed off on me and there are so many cool free ones. I marked like 10 on the site this one came from.

Jody said...

I like the new look. I know what you mean about forgetting things. This year I plan on being more organized. Maybe you can rub off on me LOL. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Middle_America said...

If you want to be more organized, I would suggest reading "Getting things done" by David Allen. I grabbed a copy from the local library.

Organized , what a goal