Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Persistence paid off...yeah

A little background: Braden does speech a couple days a week, we have the best speech therapist ever. Our insurance company has refused to pay for his speech this entire year. We have a huge balance of several thousand dollars, and our therapist kept telling us it would work out and she kept fighting with the insurance. They kept denying.

We found out last month our therapist was retiring, she hadn't yet mentioned all the money we owed her, but on top of that we knew that the new young therapist would not be able to hold our bill. We were going to have to cut his therapy time and somehow pay as we went. We got a final refusal from the insurance in November. It said our options were appeal and then a civil lawsuit. Well I told Matt that we were going to appeal. I sat down and wrote what I thought was a good appeal and sent it off. They were suppose to get back within 30 days. I told Matt we might as well be prepared to file the civil suit. I thought about it yesterday and told Matt to call them and get the official denial of our appeal so that I could go ahead and prepare the lawsuit. Well SO THANKFUL to hear that they cut checks on the 12th going from January to July so far, YEAH! I am assuming this means that they will now pay for the upcoming year because if it is medically documented with them now they should have to continue. This is such a relief off of us you just don't know. Also I was talking to Matt and how many people get those rejection of coverage letters and never do anything about it, well in this case it paid to keep going it was a pain I guarantee you Matt spent probably a total of 20 hours on the phone before we even started the appeal but YEAH it is now covered. Just such a relief it is like a Christmas present to us.


stacey said...

i am so glad you fought the good fight! insurance companies count on us giving up so much of the time. and those "medical personnel" that work for them and make the decisions need to get a clue!

wasn't that so sweet and professional of me? ;)

Jody said...

That is so awesome!! I am so glad that worked out for you!! What a relief!!

BarnGoddess said...

that is a GREAT Christmas gift!!!!

I am glad you appealed and won :)