Saturday, May 05, 2007

Happy Birthday!!!!

After a week of celebrating we finally arrive at your big day!

Happy Birthday Brae!!!

8 years!! Wow!! You have overcome odds, you have become our hearts, you are the best!

Your personality is unmatched. Your PreK teacher once stated that grown ups that had the same problems as you would not get out of bed, but you kept going. You always have.

You go into each situation with an attitude that awes me. You keep me in awe. You have strength that is massive and way beyond your skinny 50 pounds.

You have a heart that is large. I love your hugs and kisses, and the way you sign language to me that you love me. I am so proud of you in all aspects and your birthday definetly deserves the week of celebrating that we have had!!!

I love you to the moon and back!!

almost 8 years ago...



dakotablueeyes said...

OMgoodness he was tiny. Happy Birthday Braden. Hope you got our card we sent.

Shane said...

What a precious baby picture! Happy 8th Birthday, Buddy. I hope you had a wonderful day.

kel said...

That first picture was when we finally got to bring him home at almost 2 months old...he weighed 6 pounds in that pic.