Friday, December 21, 2007

This and that

The countdown is getting down to the hours here as far as Brae is concerned. He had to sit and figure out that there was 24 hours in a day and this many days and how many hours he had left till Christmas....he is just a little excited.

I caved and we ended up taking off for Christmas break two days early. I was going to do this whole week but we only made it to Wednesday, I didn't have their minds so it was better to just cut it at Wednesday.

Last night we made the drive to Muskogee and looked at the inflatable world that is at a castle there, and then drove through the beautiful park. My mom went with us and it all went well.

Tonight going to help FIL do a good thing. My FIL doesn't talk to my BIL or his wife anymore because of lots of circumstances, most because they don't take care of their kids. Anyway he has put away those bad feelings to get something really special for the boys, and it is something they desperately we are going to go help him get bunk beds, sheets, comforters tonight and deliver since he doesnt want to have to talk to them, but at least he is helping in a way that he is comfortable with. I am excited about finding fun sheets and comforters for them.

Kids are going over to my parents tonight, will help Matt and I finish wrapping, getting stuff prepared, etc. Matt and I wanted to go to a movie but nothing out that I want to spend for.

A few have asked about Braden's newest meds, unfortunately so far things are not going in the direction we want. However we did start new things on Monday so that is good.

Having lunch with my good friend Christy for lunch as our Christmas to each other... a kid free lunch...sounds like a good present to me...LOL.