Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Jenny McCarthy Book "Louder Than Words"

I have a lot to say about Christmas, and pictures to share but I just couldn't wait to share this book. As most of you know 3 months ago Braden was tentatively diagnosed with Aspergers Autism. I didn't share much about it because even though most of you know I put up a brave front we have been dealing with medical issues going on six years now and it has taken it's toll. Anyway, as always I threw myself into research as that is the way I have always coped. A friend of mine had mentioned a book by Jenny McCarthy. I was not immediately interested because frankly I was not a fan of hers, I thought her persona was not something I would want to read about and she was not someone whose work I followed. Anyway Matt bought me the book for Christmas. I sat down casually reading at 7:40 and did not go to sleep until I read the last page.

Even if your child is not autistic the book is heart wrenching as Jenny fights to find what is out there for her son. Two things that totally stand out to me the first is this qoute "When your child is diagnosed with cancer, neighbors stop by your home bringing precooked meals, hugs, and support. When your child is diagnosed with autism, families who see you in the supermarket will slip away down another aisle." This is so true. I remember back when we were dealing with sensory disorders and Braden would have melt downs and I would get the "control your child" look.
Autism is not something people understand. Of course Braden's medical conditions are not all confined to one diagnosis and the Autism does not cover all of it but it covers a lot of things, and explains a lot including the metals. Jenny talks about all that in her book. While there is some language in the book, I didn't care I cried when she was in despair. The other comment that I just took so much to heart and echoed my thoughts so much was when she was finding holistic and non main stream medication and they would work she was like "wait why didn't the doctor tell me about this, why isn't it on CNN, why isn't it on 20/20 why don't they tell us".

I just can't stress how this book touched me. I feel connected as I have went off the path and not taken the pat answer so many times sometimes in spite of the fact that my family, friends even church did not encourage it. It is like Jenny patted me on the back and told me I was and have done right, and I didn't even realized how much I needed that validation. She describes the seizures, which chill you especially if you have seen your own child do that. She describes the panic. You feel her pain, I identified with it, I identified with the remarks people make thinking they are helping and you just want to rip their heads off. I identified with thinking that the doctor was a quack. I identified with feeling like I have a doctorate in Google. I identified with the endless questions from doctors and the duplicate tests and the answers from them that made no sense. She is working to raise awarness of autism, and vacination coorelation, she talks a lot about vaccines and why she believes there is a connection. What I liked is she is not anti vacination (I am not either) but she does believe that certain children can't handle them and that the government should test children first. I have always said I was anti time frame and now even more so I understand more than I did before. It really is the most awesome book.

I promise a lighter post full of all the goodies we got for Christmas and lots of pictures soon but this is so on my heart. I think I needed this as part of the process of accepting this portion of Braden's medical issues.


stacey said...

I am so glad you shared! I was nervous when I first started watching her and Holly Robinson Pete on Oprah months ago, but I think it was good. I have "matured" in much of my thinking regarding all this, both as a therapist and a mother. While I am in no way what I consider an extremist when it comes to environment and vaccine thinking, I do try to see the bigger picture now and better understand how it all can work together (or against) us and our children. I have other thoughts, but for another time :)

BarnGoddess said...

when I watched Jenny on Oprah, I thought to myself, THIS IS ME AND WEE ONE minus the seizures..

Wee One has slight autism and his diet is a huge impact...

thnxs for posting this