Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weekend in review

Can't even remember what we did Friday night, so I don't guess it was too exciting.

Saturday hubby turned 36. Inlaws were inlaws nothing new. Just so disrespectful and not caring of others feelings. Just drama with them, and I am so over caring anymore. Hubby liked his new electronic gadgety thing that the kids and I got him as well as his other goodies. Ate lots and lots of cookie cake so will be doing lots and lots of walking this week!

Sunday called my father and wished him a happy fathers day. He was using his present that I had given him yesterday. Church, then lunch at Logan's. Then we spilt the children. Hubby and Brae went to see Fantastic 4 and Britt and I went to see Nancy Drew. Which was a very cute movie. I enjoyed seeing it with her. Then home where kids have played a video and hubby and I have worked on various projects. Now time to get ready for the week. We have tennis and swimming again this week but I will not do as many after those activities and make time to rest so that Brae doesn't have another episode.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.