Monday, June 18, 2007

New technique?

Kids are in swimming lessons last week and this week. Taking them with a friend of mine and her two kids. We called around these were done by Red Cross thought that would be good.

I was wrong.

First off, there is a red cross lady who is older and probably great, she doesn't teach, all I have seen her do is sit in the snack bar area. There are 3 teenagers (around 15 or 16) and one aide (12) that teach the classes. They are broke up into 2 sections. Brae is in one section and I have to say he is learning and I am pleased pretty much with his class. There are two teachers because it is a larger group.

The parents are in bleachers away from the kids so you can watch it all but not be right in the middle of lessons, which I understand.

Britt's group has 4 kids and one teacher. Not bad ratio. Well it wouldn't be bad if there teacher got in the water. Not once in the water. The other teachers with the other group are in the water moving the kids arms right way, spotting them, etc. Not Britt's teacher. First few days she stood on the side and and made the motions with her arms. Now apparently that was too much so today she pulled a lawn chair out beside the pool and sat in it. Never even takes her flip flops off. Apparently this is a new way to teach swimming that I was unaware of.

Both my friend and I have complained but it isn't doing us a whole lot of good. 3 more days. Now we just take bets between my friend and I weather the teacher will take off flip flops, swimsuit cover, or totally leave the kids as she did for about 5 minutes one day last week. During that time my friend and I didn't care about the no parents around the pool rule and went and stood by the pool. The main lady was not happy but we were not letting our kids be in water that was over their heads with no one right with them.

I can at least be thankful Braden has learned the basics, and Britt has learned some confidence by going off the diving board, and I think she knows how to sit in a lawn chair and get a tan too, I guess that was the bonus instruction.


Wendy said...

Hi -
This is Wendy from American Red Cross National Headquarters. I'm hoping to get in touch with you so that we can follow up with Britt's swim teacher and figure out what's going on.

Would you contact me at

Thank you,

kel said...

Wendy, I will be emailing. Because today was no better.

dakotablueeyes said...

Would sending them to the tanning bed have been cheaper than sitting by a pool lol. I would so be asking for my money back on that one.