Friday, June 15, 2007

Too much

This week has been so busy. Yesterday I was given a reminder that I can't push Braden as hard. That little reminder that sometimes come when I get to compliant with his medical issues, when I forget that he needs a lot more rest than other kids. Yep the seizure kind of reminder. The 103 fever with no sickness just because he was so tired. It is so hard to watch him suffer. I shouldn't have done tennis and swimming on the same weeks, plus doing so many after activities with our friends who are in for two weeks. Braden's little body just couldn't handle it. Came on very fast yesterday afternoon. We had planned to take them all to see highschool musical the play last night, but hubby stayed home with Braden and that suited Braden just fine. His fever finally went down no big seizures just a few stare outs, he laid on the couch all evening and is still sleeping there this morning. I don't know how he will feel today, but I know it will be a laid back next few days, or as laid back as I can make it anyway. I think sometimes I just get so compliant with the fact that he is doing so well, it's not that I forget just that well he has done so good, and I push it too far and hate hate hate hate the fact that he had to suffer. Won't make up for the suffering of course but I think he will be really happy with his little stack of goodies that Britt and I brought him back from last night. I still have so much to get going and done today, but one way or the other his day is going to be more laid back.


dakotablueeyes said...

poor guy. hope he feels better today. have you been having the heat like we have. ugh, one of our girls at softball last night almost passed out from the heat. They had to sit her down and put wet rags on her head and make her drink.