Thursday, June 21, 2007

Can't say it is a boring week.

At the store, kids had went on with hubby after lunch. Did the shopping, had my purse in the front part of the cart and I was unloading groceries from the cart into the back of the car. All of a sudden major commotion. A guy trys to get my purse out of the cart, he snags it. Apparently he had already stolen a purse inside the store and security was running right behind him. Him stopping for my purse gave them a few extra seconds and they nabbed him. I got to stay and make a police report. I called hubby right away and was telling him about and he said well more blog material...LOL. Could have been a bad situation, thankfully all went well. The lady in the store got her purse back. I hope the attempt to steal my $12.00 was worth it.


BarnGoddess said...

wow! KOTV in Tulsa (ithink it was that station)

just did a special about robbers stealing purses from grocery stores.

Thats great you got your purse back!

Ive made a habit of carrying my purse cross ways across my shoulders, I have done this since my Police Academy days, it works.

of course I have to carry a purse with a long strap and a smaller sized bag too.