Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Spoiled Rotten

Nope not the kids this time...me me me...yep up and about before 6:30, kids are already up and presents have been given. I was spoiled this year. I already posted below about the early celebrating but this morning I was totally suprised.

My haul from hubby and the kids: A digital picture frame (totally suprised didn't even think that I would get one of those until maybe at Christmas), Lush bath products (the best bath products ever!), a set of books (and the promise that I could sit around and read today!), a keychain with mace for my walking at the park, a Spurs Cell Phone cover (didn't even know they made them but it is so totally cook). One present that the kids made me isn't done yet (pottery) but I will get it soon.

Also they spilled the beans and I won't be having to have McDonalds for my birthday dinner (the kids loved telling me that) instead Red Lobster...yummy.

So I am surrounded by the best family ever and being spoiled rotten can't ask for a better way to celebrate my birthday!


Middle_America said...

You totally deserve it and more.
Happy Birthday honey.
: )

noname said...

How very cool! Happy Birthday!