Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I am done wrapping!

I so detest wrapping and it took ALL morning I repeat ALL morning.

Going overboard is an understatement. I will justify it by saying I start really early, watch prices and clearance shop.

Needless to say kids will be more spoiled.

I really cant wait to see their faces. I am so excited about some of the goodies we were able to get them.

I am also so excited to be ALL DONE wrapping. I have dreaded and put this off for over 2 weeks. I keep seeing it on my to do list but kept skipping it. Now I can mark it off for the year.



Jody said...

You think that's bad LOL. We don't even have any wrapping paper yet LOL. Going to get some probably this weekend though and thankfully I have my hubby to help LOL.

dakotablueeyes said...

My hubs doesn't help wrap. He says I'm better at it. I think its his way of getting out of it lol. Mine is done but you know I hate wrapping paper and I have been thinking that gift bags are the way to go but then for my kids it has to be wrapping paper cause half the fun is watching their faces as they tear stuff open. lol.

kel said...

I know gift bags arent near as much fun as paper. Hubby did help wrap on his lunch break from work yesterday I was loosing steam and didnt want to wrap