Sunday, February 01, 2009

Wedding recap

We are home from Texas and my cousins wedding. It was wonderful. First off my cousin and his fiance did so much to make Brae feel special and to watch out for his special needs that it was wonderful. Brae was so proud and did a great job. He did his "dying pose" a few times but not during the actual wedding. He did very good. He did this pose when we asked him how he liked wearing a tux.

Here is he is right before the wedding.

Of course he got a gift while we were there that he had been wanting. My aunt got him a star wars helmet....he had to at least try it on with his tux! But luckily he didn't wear it down the aisle..LOL.

Brittney serving dinner at the reception. She had so much fun.

I got so many compliments on both the kids I was really proud.

Here is Brae goofing off with the groom before the wedding.

I have added TONS of pics to flickr.


The Sweet Life said...

Glad you all had a good time and made it back safely!

Another Suburban Mom said...

I am glad that you had fun and Brae did so well.

Welcome Home!

Stephanie said...

How wonderful! The pictures are awesome and Braden looks handsome and Brittney looks Beautiful!

Jody said...

Tell Brea he looks good in a Tux :). I don't blame him though LOL.

My boys have that helmet too. They got them for Christmas. They love them :).

Britt looks like she had a good time too.

stacey said...

how fun that they both got to participate!

The Woman said...

omg kelli they look so grown up. they look so handsome and pretty.

Kim said...

Love the pics and video of the break dancing. He is a hoot! You all looked great.

Jennifer said...

Don't tell Brae I said this...but he is just plain CUTE!! :-D And Britt is such a young lady...she looks so grown up! Glad you had a good time!

Weber said...

Kelli - how could you not get compliments on those kids! :-)