Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Straight Hair

I tried to go back to curly hair. I really did. I just can't do it. Takes too much time. My hair is naturally curly I am talking curly tight curls. 5 years ago I started straightening it. I get it done every 8 months. I had thought okay I will let it grow and get the straightner stripped out. But it has been driving me insane. Luckily the girl who does it made me a great deal and so now this week I get to go get it straight straight again. Everyone always says they want volume and curl not me I want flat lifeless..lol. So my treat this week is getting my hair done. I am very thankful for Lisa and for cutting her price down so much for me. She was right I would hate having the curl back again.


Weber said...

LOL! You can have my straight, flat, lifeless hair! That is exactly what it is. Too funny. All my sisters have beautiful thick,wavey hair - not me. :( They have their share of hair problems I guess but we always want what we don't have....maybe I'll get a perm. ;-)

Another Suburban Mom said...

And I would love to have curls, but I am not sure if they even do perms anymore for anyone under 80.

kel said...

I not only got it straightened but cut too...I have bangs for the first time in years and years.