Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Love Dare

Our Sunday School class started the bible study based of the movie Fireproof.

We are using the Love Dare book from the movie. Hubby and I are in day 5. It is wonderful. I think we have a strong marriage but wow this is really pointing out some little things and just all around making us appreciate each other more. It is 40 days long. Hopefully these things will stick with us way past the end of the book.

Today for no reason I got a Starbucks green tea frap in the middle of the day along with a book I have been wanting....also a promise to take the kids out for a few hours one evening to the library or a dollar movie so that I can have some quiet time.

I highly recommend the book it really makes you think and I can see it strengthening our marriage even more.


Another Suburban Mom said...

Excellent. I was curious about the program so if you could do regular updates, that would be great!