Monday, August 20, 2007


I think I am going to have to start my own label section for insomnia posts. Ugh 1:50 this morning wide awake. I didn't go to bed till 10:00 so it isn't like I am going to bed too early.

The kids are so excited for school to start today. It is fun for me that they get so excited, I had worries when I took them out of public school(still do at times which I figure is a normal part of any major decision) but I definetly feel it is such a good fit for my kids and our family. Still nice to have the confirmation that they get as excited about homeschool starting as they used to about public school. We got their desks all organized yesterday, and went over the schedules and rules for the new year.

Got a few things done this weekend, of course more on the list, but that is normal. Did get Brae's room cleane dout really good. Community yard sales are Sept 8 and so going to throw out my stuff with several friends. I have the best location so everyone just brings their stuff to my house. Anyway Brae is notorious for not wanting to get rid of ANYTHING...but yesterday he really did good. He kept finding things he hadn't seen in awhile and it was pretty cute. So his room is gone through. Britt and Hubby did her room, which means at least I may do a quick glance through before yard sale as they are both packrats so I don't know how much was actually gone through.

Today is a crazy busy day with homeschool, then speech, dentist and choir all at virtually the same time. I am doing the speech run and leaving 5 min early from it to get to the dentist with Brae. Hubby is doing Britt's choir auditions. Then when I am done at the dentist we will probably switch places as Hubby is on call this week so he needs to be close to home.

I better get some things accomplished since sleep isn't to be had tonight.


Rofkahr Party of 4 said...

Where do you do choir? I need you to teach me how to cluster my pictures. I tried to figure it out but didn't work as you seen on my blog.
Do you guys have a camper or do you rent a cabin at Devils den?

kel said...

I will type out directions for pictures (I am so not doing a audio like my husband..haha). We rent a cabin or tent camp.