Friday, August 03, 2007

Random Insmonia Thoughts

I guess I am going to start making insomia posts there own special folder on the blog!

You guessed it can't sleep. Hubby the kids and I all played outside in the pool yesterday evening and everytime we do that my allergies and sinuses go nuts. So the headache was too much to even let me sleep this morning.

Oh well that let's me do some updating:

I have lots of check marks beside my to do list. Unfortunately still more items. Yesterday afternoon I actually got to be at home, after running all week and got a few things done. We are leaving for Texas next Friday and while we are there I will get to see my cousin who is pregnant with her first baby. It's a girl and the nursery theme is Pooh so Britt and I made up this diaper cake to take with us. I thought it turned out cute.

I have the feeling Britt is going to leave my minimal computer knowledge in the dust. Her big thing now is emailing, and changing her blog. She sent me an email yesterday and I had to ask her how she did that with the back ground because I didn't know how to do it. Hubby knew how to do it but was shocked that Britt did it.
Definetly takes after her daddy with her ability to figure out electronics.

Britt has a sleepover tonight, she has only spent the night at one friends house and those were really good friends, she has never made it all night anywhere but there and my parents. So we shall see, she likes these people and of course I know the parents well enough to allow it but still don't know if she will stay all night. But the plan is to drop her off about 6ish. I guess Brae, hubby and I will just play some video games or board games and relax a little. I told hubby he gets to take Britt to the sleepover so he can make sure he knows how to get to the house (that way he can go pick her up if it's midnight and she wants to come home!).

Definetly been a busy week, this is one of those weeks where my part time, stay at home paralegal business exploded and I was gone every day and some days worked 12 hours. Thankfully those weeks are very few and far between. The past two weeks one of the attorneys I do a lot of work had been on vacation, which was nice but this week he was back and we did ALOT of catch up work. The other attoreny I do a lot of work for went on vacation, leaving me in charge of everything (I have known him and worked on and off for him for 12 years). So he left me not only in charge of the office, but also his elderly mother who is in a nursing home. So this week has been very busy. The poor kids have just rolled with it, they did a little school work for me, if we had to go in to the office gameboys were taken, they stayed with hubby very well and did great while hubby worked and on and on. So everyone has pitched in on this week. But I am ready to not have to do much this weekend.

Headache medicine is kicking in I might could get 30 minutes or an hour before anyone else wakes up.


Rofkahr Party of 4 said...

I love the diaper cake!!! You are so creative! I have done a couple before but not with the head towel!!!
VeRY cUtE!!!

MoonNStarMommy said...

I hope you get some sleep!!!

Andie said...

I love the diaper cake!! I received one for my first child. Such an adorable and useful gift!
I hope you can get some sleep soon. I've delt with insomnia a few times...NO FUN!

dakotablueeyes said...

Do you take a daily allergy pill? Bruce does and you can tell if he misses a day.
lol on Brittney and the email. Kaylie has been wanting to email or chat with her so I might have to let her type an email today.