Thursday, August 30, 2007

Growing up

My baby girl is growing up today she shaved her legs for the first time (well not shaved but used Veet). I didn't shave till I was much older (she will be 10 next month) but I have the blond hair and it was never a big deal. Britt has very dark hair and it was so thick. I didn't want to make her wait till the age I was just because that is how I thought it should be. I figured we needed to look at it as when it was best for her not based on anything else. Anyway we started talking about it awhile back and bought the stuff, but I wanted to wait until she really wanted to. Well this morning she comes in and is like "Mom I have to do something about my legs". So we did, very painless, 3 minutes and we were done. At first I had thought just to do below the knee but poor thing it looked really bad that way because her knees and stuff had lots of dark hair too, so now her legs are smooth. Her daddy doesn't quite know what to think about it. She is growing up so much and this is just another one of those milestones.


Middle_America said...

I actually understand these events must occur. But I don't think any dad really wants their little girl to grow up.

I will say this, as each of these events occur, it gives me more respect for the Steve Martin movie "Father of the Bride".

Heather/SHTEZQ said...

I was 9 when I started shaving for the same reason the hair was so dark and I was impbarressed. So I think it is cool . They didn't have stuff like veet when I was that age I had to shave. but that is perfect no cuts no mistakes. I will keep that in mind for the next couple years .

BarnGoddess said...

yep, shes growing up.

I bought a venus razor a while ago, and I love it!