Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday: Practicing Spelling Words

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I have posted some of these ideas before but I have added more too.

My kids love to practic their spelling words! Love it! We try to make fun and have a list of activities and things that we change around each week to practice that weeks words:

* Write them, but not just on paper we use Brittney's doodle bear and Braden has a doodle monster that are often covered in new words (just throw them in the washer for the next weeks words).
* Write them using window markers by crayola and they can write on the glass door front or back (it just takes a windex wipe to clean it off quickly). They can write them on their bedroom windows.
* Write the words with a marker on 3 x 5 cards then cut them apart, let the kids put them back together.
* Pour salt on a cookie sheet and spell out the words in the salt.
* Use magnets to spell words on the washer, refrigerator, etc.
* Make a cheer spelling out your words
* Make a word find puzzle
* Print each spelling word then draw around each word. Study the shape of each word.
* Type the words on the computer and print them out.
* Use shaving cream on a cookie sheet to write words in.
* Shuffle word cards. Write each word on a 3 x 5 cut each card in half or into syllables. Shuffle the pieces then match each half.
* Write words on the sidewalk with chalk.
* Write silly sentences using spelling words.
* Play super kid. Use 3 x 5 cards with the letters for Super Kid have child take a turn spelling word if gets it right gets a letter to spell out Super Kid
* Make a graffiti poster using lots of colors markers, construction paper spelling out the words
* Tape yourself saying your words and spelling them. Then play the tape back.
* Use paint to paint words, or dot paint.
* Use letter beads to string letters on a string to spell each word.
* Finger paint words.
* Make the words out of playdough.
* Glitter words - write each of your study words with a glue stick or glue pen then sprinkle glitter on the glue.
* Mark the vowels in the words. Mark short vowels and long vowels and cross out any silent letters.
* Write a story using your words.
* Play hangman on a big white board.
* Play Mother May I spelling. I stand at one end of the hall they start at the other. They only get to take a step forward if they spell the word I give them correctly.
* Spelling baseball, set up bases in the living room and to get to each base they have to spell their word correctly.

We do write them on paper but I always try to put a fun activitiy with it. They may write their words 4 times and then we play baseball. Sometimes they will write their words on the front door or doodle bear then sit and do a word search.

Repetitiveness helps them learn but adding in the fun helps them enjoy the learning.


Anonymous said...

i love those ideas

Jennifer said...

Great post, Kel! Thanks for sharing...we are going to incorporate some of these this week!

Rofkahr Party of 4 said...

I think I could say I love you!! You are so creative...I printed them off and I am going to try these.

Ribbon Rock Star said...

These are awesome tips! I am going to bookmark this and use it this year.


BarnGoddess said...

wow-those are good ideas!

tonsofsons said...

Great ideas! Spelling is my boys tough subject!