Thursday, August 23, 2007

Summer colds...ugh

I don't know if it is allergies, sinuses or what but I am feeling awful. I did okay getting through what I had to get done today but ugh now I am just flat out feeling awful.

Luckily tommorow don't have much on the agenda, the kids will have a few things to do but not much they mostly have tests on Fridays. Then I need to go buy a birthday present, and we have dinner planned with my parents but all in all not much.

We started our homeschool co-op so for the next several Thursday afternoons I will be teaching geography and story writing. I felt that I didn't have enough planned today as I was just not into it. I will make up for it next week. The kids loved loved it. They have all different kinds of classes but Brae is in my geography while Britt is in another class, then I have Britt in story writing.

I am getting snowed under with work projects again, which is good because we have several things coming up between now and December, and then of course Christmas. So extra work is good in that respect. A friend of mine got some disturbing news of her pregnancy today and it is really taking up a lot of space in my mind. I can't help looking back at my pregnacies and thinking and remembering the parts that didn't go as we had hoped. Anyway she will have more testing done Monday and until then I am just letting her talk away and am praying a lot.

I am still not sleeping good which may of course be why I have a cold because I have gotten a little run down.

Matt did the yard today so we wouldnt have to worry about it this weekend and we have lots of patches of dead grass due to the heat. Hope to have a laid back Saturday, then Sunday church and a birthday party so pretty laid back all weekend hopefully. Of course that means I will be trying to do a million things since I will be home, but will still be nice to be home.


BarnGoddess said...

I hope your feeling better by now!

we are all having allergy issues-ick.