Thursday, August 09, 2007

Packed Up

We will be gone for 5 days, so why does the back of the vehicle look like I am traveling for 3 months? Ugh, but it is done.

Today has been getting last minute stuff done, making a to do list for hubby who won't leave until the day after us for his business trip so have to give him a honey do list to keep him busy. We were guilted into loaning our van to crazy SIL and loser BIL....hope we don't end up regreting that. Just for 3 days...but still.

I may have finally found something to spark Brae's interest as far as reading. Flat Stanley books. So far he is really interested in them, he made his own flat Stanley today (we lost the first one on an adventure to the movies...oops). Basically there are several chapter books in the series and part of the fun is you get a Flat Stanley of your own to take on adventures and then mail it to your friends and they add on to your paper and continue Stanley's adventures and send him back and on and on. So far I have hit up two friends with kids Braden's age to participate. We are taking Stanley to Texas with us (hope he makes it back) and we will even take a pic or two of Brae with him to add to Flat Stanley's journal. Best thing is so far the books are enjoyable for Brae and not too easy, but not so hard he gets frustrated. Here is hoping that this keeps him motivated.

Promised the kids a swim in the pool this evening before we leave. It is so hot here but I know Texas will be even hotter!