Saturday, August 04, 2007

She made it

Britt made it through the night at her sleepover. We had sent hubby's cell phone with her so she could call us anytime she wanted, and I think that helped. She called about 10 and we figured it was time to go get her, but she was just checking in and telling us goodnight. I am itching to go get her this morning, but I don't want to arrive to early. Hubby said Britt was kicking him out the door basically yesterday when he dropped her off. Ugh my baby girl is growing up.

Brae stayed here with us. He actually got me to play video games with him and hubby. That is so not my thing, but he loved it. Then he threw the sleeping bag down in our floor. So he got to have a sleepover too.

I slept in until 6:30 this morning...which for me lately that is like sleeping the whole day away..LOL.


BarnGoddess said...

wow-6:30am is sleeping in! I get a lot done in the early hours...lots more than later in the day sometimes.

Thats great that Britt went to a sleepover and made it thru the night. The 1st time can be a scary one......

Andie said...

I'm glad you got some sleep. How exciting for Britt to go to a sleepover. We haven't experienced that particular joy at our house. I'm not sure how Abbie (7 yo) would do, and I KNOW that Andrew (5 1/2 yo) wouldn't make it but a few hours).
You are welcome to join the Fit 4 Life challange...I just joined yesterday. I got up this morning and red my Bible for about 45 minutes (with kiddos interupting, but that's ok). I haven't walked yet, but we are thinking aobut going to the zoo or to the pool later. We'll see.