Saturday, August 18, 2007

Almost Ready

I am almost ready for school on Monday. I have lesson plans done for 8 weeks, grade books ready for both kids. Books organized out, papers in folders. Still want to get some "I'm done first" activities together, as well as the "We are done with school but can't watch tv or video game" activities!

Hubby has worked out in the back yard hauling off some old boards and cleaning out the garage while I have been in the office surrounded by mounds of books and papers. We have been doing a modified school this summer but Monday starts full steam again. I still want to work a little on my plan (both kids are done), and get a few more activities set aside. Other than that school is ready for Monday.

Of course we have homeschool co-op starting on Thursday and I do not have my lessons already for that yet, I know what I want to do just don't have it all together yet. My friend Stephanie is helping me! I am excited about the classes we are going to teach. First is World Geography and then Story Writing.

The Fall schedule is getting out of control! Ugh...I am still debating if I am going to do a homeschool bible study I so enjoy it but it would be yet another thing that we were running too. We have homeschool of course, then co-op (classes taught with our homeschool group), Britt has choir, Brae has speech, and is starting Karate. Britt wants to play basketball, Brae may play basketball and if he does it will be on the community league and I have coached the past two years so I see myself doing that again. Then both kids have scouts...yikes how did we get this busy.


dakotablueeyes said...

Holy crap! Maybe this is why I only let me kids in one thing at a time.

kel said...

That was my plan too, just didn't work out that way. Choir and Basketball are the major time consumers for Britt, scouts is only once a month. Brae his time consumer is speech which is not really an activity so I didn't want to count that against him so really he only has Karate, scouts and maybe basketball.

BarnGoddess said...

wow! you ARE going to be very busy....but in a good busy way :)