Thursday, August 30, 2007

How cool...a blog award for being nice

Stacy gave me this shout out on her blog. Hubby may raise his eyebrows at the nice part, but mostly I am just not all the time to him, so that makes it alright...LOL. Also came at a super great time because I am in such a non bloggy mood this week...ugh...just battling sinus cold, etc. So I needed something to put up on the blog.

How it works is you basically put the picture on your blog, and pick 7 blogs that you think are nice. Of course I have a hard time naming just 7 because all the blogs I read are nice in one way or another!

Some of my favs:

Of course I don't know if I am suppose to mention Stacy again since she gave it to me. But oh well she is my newest blog/hopefully soon to be met friend. She also got me started on arbonne which I love and she just made the whole process so easy so definetly have to mention Stacy

Then if I don't mention my hubby that wouldn't be good so number two has to be hubby's blog and he is nice, and wonderful and helpful and on and on I could gush. My most thankful blessing!

Number three has to be Anne! Talk about an unexpected thing, I don't even really remember where we started talking at first. I am sure it was some mom thing. But now I am just so blessed that she is my friend. We have had our families together for two vacations. The only thing better would be if we lived closer so we could motivate each other to walk and excercise more...which we both struggle with. Anne started blogging just to defend me from my first ever yucky commenter if that isn't nice then I don't know what is!

Number four fellow Oklahoman Barn Goddess she always has the prettiest pictures in her posts, always love her horse pics. She also keeps up with missing person cases which is something I always do too, and sometimes she comes up with ones I haven't heard about. She is one of my daily reads for sure.

Number five gotta be Brighton she will probably laugh and make a comment if she sees a nice award, because she is such a tell it like it is person. But I just really enjoy reading her blog, sometimes it gives me courage not to be such a pushover. I love reading about her kids and her daughter who she has to constantly fight the school system for the best services. Have left comments here and there but never had indepth talks with her but I just know if I met her I would just instantly like her.

Number six is another of those I read daily and sometimes several times a day
Zoot I love reading Kim's blog it is so funny. She makes me laugh.

Number seven...hmmmm...when I started this list I was like yikes how can I come up with seven and now I am like wait I have tons more people whose blogs I love and who are sooooo yikes one more...will be...OwlHaven another daily read. She just brought home her ninth and tenth child from Ethiopia. I love to read about her, she homeschools her now ten children.

And now I am like no I am out of numbers, but since I mentioned Stacy and she had already been mentioned then really I have one more and I have to mention Shannon who lives not to far away from where I do and I was so glad when she emailed asking where I was at. She posts devotional blogs just when I need them the most!


BarnGoddess said...

awww! thnx for the kind words, I appreciate it :)

Owlhaven said...

Kel!! Thanks!


Brighton said...

LOL! I'm nice?? NICE?? Yeah, ok.
Love what you said, thank you!!
(said in my nice voice)