Monday, August 06, 2007

Nippin it now

I have always been able to brag and have always been grateful about how wonderful my kids get along. If you ask one they will tell you the other is their best friend. Well this week, something snapped and we have had that little bickering stuff. Ugh. Hubby and I put up with it for about 3 days. Well by Saturday I had my fill so the kids and I had a nice long talk. The rest of the weekend I caught two little bickers (yes I know some will happen but I wont have it constant) anyway, I told them they needed to be happy in their hearts, etc, etc. They went to pray last night and I was in the hallway Brittney prayed: "Let me and my brother respect each other, and Braden prayed to love his sister and God more than he loves them now" maybe some of my talk sunk in.

I hope so, because this behavior was so unlike them. We shall see how this week goes. We leave for Texas on Friday just the kids and I so will be getting ready for that. Today going to have some fun and take them to see Ratatouille since Britt is convinced they are the last kids in the world getting to go see it. Wanting to do some fun stuff since we will start back full schedule of school on the 20th. I worked for hours on my first 6 weeks of lesson plans this weekend. I only have a few subjects left. So going to be busy getting things around, etc., but throwing in some fun and hopefully not quite as full of run as last week was.


BarnGoddess said...

school starts the 16th here, already!

where'd the summer go?

Owasso rocks btw, I am shopping there from now on, no more Tulsa driving for me. It is new and clean and simple over in Owasso!

Rofkahr Party of 4 said...

My girls go through it some weeks. They will get along great and then a week will hit and all they do is argue... Before you leave on your trip, I have tried and tried to put my blog with the archives like yours. Where it says july 2007, aug 2007. Just have Matt tell me what to do because I hate to keep bothering you guys. I'm going to owe you another dinner. ThanksS!!

dakotablueeyes said...

Can you have this talk with my kids. I am sitting here reading your post with my two bickering as they play cards. ugh

JenLo said...

You are lucky to just be encountering this now! I remember bickering with my own bro and sis when I was little and I have tried to curb it with my own kids, but it's a constant battle. Drives me crazy!