Sunday, December 28, 2008


As promised I am telling about my socks I got for Christmas.

Nothing like Christmas to remind me where I stand with MIL.

Wouldn't be so bad if she wouldn't ask me to do bulk of her shopping so I know exactly what she spent on everyone else.

What did I get from MIL. A pair of pink socks, wrapped in a nice bow, the tag was on the back of one of the said 2 Pack....hmmmm...I only got one pair. I am a firm believer in it is the thought that counts but come on give me a break. The joy of gift giving with does beat the M&M's I got one year, or the statute of a tombstone the first year (I still kick myself for not taking a picture of that for proof forever but still 14 years later I can picture it in my head perfect).
So if I look at it actually the gifts are getting better the ornament last year was a step up from the M&M's and the M&M's were a step up from the statute and various other gifts through the years. Hey maybe next year I will get both pairs of socks...aww something to look forward to. LOL!


stacey said...

bless your heart! i am laughing so hard though-too funny! love the new blog do!

Stephanie said...

That is too funny! She must not read your blog! LOL

kel said...

She is one I wouldn't care if she did I would still keep talking.

The Woman said...

she took a pair of your socks, what did she do give a pair to crazy sil. lol

kel said...

No crazy SIL got the good gifts...the ones I picked out..LOL