Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Educational Games

We got the games out during school time today so thought I would share what we like. They always get new games at Christmas time. The titles are links to pictures and better descriptions.

The Iguana Factor Multiplication Game
This is not a favorite of mine. The kids like it but it takes awhile to get the hang of having a strategy. It does help reinforce and learn multipication.

Go To Press
This is a favorite of mine. A lot of fun. Involves reading and language skills. You have to proofread to collect the card for the different parts of the paper then head to the office and yell Go To Press. All of us like this one. Even my hard to please son. They really do learn a lot from it as well.

Allowance Game
This is another fun one that the kids enjoy and I don't mind it. They really get the point on money and how it is earned and how to save, etc.

State Game
We used this when learning our states and capitals last year. A little hard for younger ages even though it says 7-10, Braden who was 8 at the time had a little trouble with it. But it does have good facts and is a way to become familiar with the states.

Planet Quest
This games is educational but gets repetitive pretty fast. It did help with the learning the planets and has some interesting facts but after a few games they were tired of it.

Skeletons in the Closet
This is another of those games that does help learn but it gets boring pretty fast.

Cooking Up Sentences
This seems to be keeping their interest so far. Braden gets frustrated with it but still likes it.


stacey said...

it is good to get recommendations!