Sunday, December 28, 2008


Time to train!
I am officially signed up for the OKC Memorial Marathon (I am doing the half marathon).
13.1 miles!
My friend Stephanie is doing it too. I think we can keep each other motivated.
Just knowing I am registered kicks me in gear.
I am going to find a few local 5 and 15k's to do before the marathon. I think there is one in March and the first of April to get me back in the swing of races before the marathon.


Stephanie said...

A friend of mine that goes to my church just ran the Dallas half marathon (Dallas sounded awesome) in 2 hours! I was like "your kidding me!" That won't be me but I was pretty impressed with her time.

kel said...

That so won't be me either. I have heard Little Rock has a really neat one too.